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If you didn’t know, We’re all drowning. That’s why Noah built the ark Not so we could float atop The sin of the world But to spare and to save us. Save us, Like in that river Where you were baptized, And God stepped down Grabbed your hand And said rise my child. Rise my … More Look up

With Many Thanks

There is a song that is pretty popular at the present moment. It’s called “Spirit Move” by Bethel Music with Kalley Heiligebthal.The opening line is sung: “I can feel it in my bones, you’re about to move.”This has been hitting me like a truck. “You’re about to move”. He’s about to move. Of course, God … More With Many Thanks

In the Beginning

I probably should have started this blog quite some time ago. I suppose it has taken me almost two years to find the words to jot down to share not only the experiences I have had, but the encounters with people, love, life, and God that have shaped the ministry here in Ukraine. My name is … More In the Beginning